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Guidance for pg and Phd

M.E (Power Systems Engineering)

* Power System Operation and Control

* Power System Dynamics and Stability.

* Wide Area Measurement Systems.

* Power System State Estimation

* Power System Reliability.

* HVDC Transmission and FACTS

M.E (Power Electronics and Drives)

Performance evaluation of bridgeless boost rectifiers

Control of chaos by resonant perturbation in a current mode controlled buck-boost dc-dc converter

Four switch buck-boost converter for telecom dc-dc power supply applications

Robust dc/dc buck converter using conditional integrator compensator

A high efficiency dc-dc converter using integrated inductors

A soft switching synchronous buck converter for zero voltage switching (zvs) in light and full load conditions

An active current sensing constant frequency buck converter using phase frequency locked techniques

A new zvs-pwm buck converter with an active clamping cell

Optimizing the classic controllers to improve the buck converter performance based on genetic algorithm

Analysis of a zero voltage switching buck converter

A multiple input dc-dc positive buck – boost converter topology

Parasitic inductance effect on switching losses for a high frequency dc-dc converter

Application of z source inverter for traction drive of fuel cell battery hybrid electric vehicles

Modeling and controller design for the z-source inverter with inductive load

Control of the z-source inverter with the battery connected to the motor neutral point

M.E (Applied Electronics)

* Image processing using VLSI