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Implant training


Duration 5 Days @ Rs 3500 per student maximum 5 students per batch November and December 2010 Syllabus for IPT

Module 1

Introduction to electronics circuits - Identification of various electronics devices like Mosfets SCRS, Relays - Use of Datasheets - Assembling low power supplies on PCB.

Module 2

PCB designing and Fabrication - PCB design software - Use of PSPICE circuit simulator - Modeling of power devices - use of Probe and transient analysis. Simulation of half wave rectifier, bridge rectifier, controller rectifiers in PSPICE.

Module 3

MATLAB Software introduction - Fundamentals of Matrix operation - Plots and other 3D graphic commands - Basic operations using SIMLINK library - Using of control system toolbox - Simulation of power systems using Power Systems CAD (PSCAD)

Module 4

8085 introduction to assembly language programming- Micro controller Fundamentals – 89C52-Basic hardware structure - ASSEMBLER – compliers and cross compliers – Keil and MAC8051- Development of embedded based projects. Using of serial programmer –flash programming - Simple led demos using a micro controller. Experimentation of an embedded development board.

Module 5

Power electronics circuits and design using Simulation software – Fundaments of inverter design. Deign of gating circuit for power MOSFETS.