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Workshop on matlab


Three Days Workshop on MATLAB Applicaions

About the course:

Specifically formulated for engineers, our course in Simulink, Sim power Systems, control systems and signal processing is rightly balanced to provide trainees a jump start in using the respective tools. This Three-day course describes techniques for applying Model-Based Design in a common design workflow. It provides guidance on managing and sharing Simulink models, and teaches techniques for formally verifying model behavior. We at ESS have extensive Matlab experts to give training on all Matlab Related Tool Boxes, Matlab Projects, Matlab training for Research candidates in India. We give Matlab training to Corporate and other institutions on request in India. If you are in need of Matlab Training for your Corporate or institutions just call us.

Topics include:

Matrix fundamentals

Interface control of Simulink subsystems and models

Managing requirements in Simulink models

Power Electronics designs

Power systems design, GA, ANN , Fuzzy controllers

This course is intended for intermediate users of matlab. Further suitable audience will include

Final, Pre final Year students of B.E of EEE, ECE, EIE

    M.E (Power Systems)

    M.E (Applied Electronics)

    M.E (Power Electronics)

Scholars doing Ph.D Electrical, Electronics and other Engineering branches.


BATCH 1 : Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 10 A.M to 4 P.M

BATCH 2 : Saturday, Sunday, Monday - 10 A.M to 4 P.M


Unit -1 Mathematics

1.1 Matrices and Arrays: Creating and Concatenating Matrices-Matrix Indexing-Getting Information About a Matrix-Resizing and Reshaping Matrices-Shifting and Sorting Matrices-Operating on Diagonal Matrices-Empty Matrices, Scalars, and Vectors-Full and Sparse Matrices-Multidimensional Arrays

1.2 Linear Algebra: MATLAB Linear Algebra Functions-Matrices in the MATLAB Environment-Systems of Linear Equations-Inverses and Determinants-Factorizations-Powers and Exponentials- Eigen values.Singular Values

1.3 Random Numbers:Generating Random Numbers-Managing the Default Stream-Creating and Controlling a Random Number Stream-Multiple streams-Updating Your Random Number Generator Syntax.

1.4 Programming Fundamentals: Classes (Data Types)-Basic Program Components-Functions and Scripts-Types of Functions-Using Objects-Error Handling-Program Scheduling-Performance-Memory Usage-Programming Tips.

Unit 2 Simulink

2.1 Introduction to Simulink: Starting Simulink Software-Opening a Model-Loading a Model-Saving a Model-Using the Model Editor-Undoing a Command-Zooming Block Diagrams-Panning Block Diagrams-Viewing Command History-Updating a Block Diagram-Printing a Block Diagram-Ending a Simulink Session-Summary of Mouse and Keyboard Actions.

2.2 Modeling Dynamic Systems: Working with Sample Times- Referencing a Model-Creating Conditional Subsystems- Modeling Variant Systems- Exploring, Searching, and Browsing Models-Managing Configuration Sets-Modeling Best Practices.

Unit 3

Various intelligent computing method ANN, FUZZY and genetic algorithm, Fuzzy logic - a primer , convention and fuzzy sets, solution of nonlinear control systems using fuzzy, fuzzy inference engine, defining membership function , problem formulation in fuzzy, advanced fuzzy controller, simple tipping problem, solution with single and two input variables.

Unit 4

ANN - a primer, problem formulation, solutions for simple problems using ANN, linear and nonlinear equations, BP method programming. Advanced ANN methods, SOM,

Unit 5

Solutions for Power Electronics problems using fuzzy, Solution using ANN for power system. economic dispatch using power GA, and hybrid GA.


Rs 8500 - Eight thousand only - Per member

Food and Accommodation can be provided at the rate of RS 3000 Per Member.